lunedì 6 febbraio 2017

The Streets in Cities Series

Queste tre illustrazioni fanno parte di una mini-serie commissionata da MAGMA Book di Londra.

E questo è quello che hanno scritto su di me e il mio lavoro:

<< When Magma trekked to Bologna Children's Book Fair earlier this year, we couldn't help but be taken by Francesco Giustozzi's playful illustrations. He has been selected for the last couple of years by the Fair as one to look out for, and we can see why...Born and trained in Macerata (Italy), here are a few words about the things that make Francesco tick: 

"I love collecting strange and old objects, drinking tea, small places to live in but big spaces to draw and work in. I love arts, design, fashion and architecture, reading music magazines, buying illustrated books, watching Wes Anderson’s movies and finding new and exciting colour palettes. All these things inspire me and my illustrations every day." 

He currently works as a graphic designer for a well-known toy manufacturer, where we are sure his brilliant and fun work comes in very handy! He also works as a freelance illustrator, and we liked so much his depiction of a San Francisco street that we decided to commission him to create an illustration of a street in London and New York. The series is inspired by how children play in their own unique places, and even if we love his flat frontal views and his textured geometric style, where he wants us to focus is on the red details in the scenes and well, we really cannot take our eyes off those little figures! >>

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My friends Montse and Ruben

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